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USB Grabber (UGR-1000)

Real-time keyboard and mouse capture device for USB 1.1 / 2.0

USB Grabber (UGR-1000) is a real-time USB capture device that works using USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface. Device is quipped with a passive USB splitter so it can be safely installed between the computer and its keyboard and/or mouse.

UGR-1000 does not have to be powered to forward signals from the connected peripherals to the computer and vice versa.

UGR-1000 is equipped with two independent USB capture blocks that allow it to capture mouse and keyboard activity from two computers at the same time.

Configured either using web browser or via SNMPv3 UGR-1000 provides wide variety of possibilities: captured signals can be provided as a RTSP stream or saved at a user-defined network location in human-readable format such as plain text or Sub Station Alpha (SSA). Support for Network Time Protocol (NTP) makes it possible to timestamp the data at the moment of its capture.

Designed for the Air Traffic Control, UGR-1000 provides an option for power and network redundancy. It can also be easily installed in a RACK using mounting brackets*, on a VESA 100 x 100 mounts or even inside standard 5’25” drive bay.

InterfaceUSB 1.1/2.0
Network interface2 x GbE, SNMPv3 Management
Dimensions150 x 146 x 41.4 [mm]
Weight0,605 kg
Operating temp.5°-45° C
DC adapter12V 2A (with optional redundancy)
Power consumption3W
MTBF (calculated)1 569 759 hours
Figure 1: Front panel of the UGR-1000. Network redundancy along with two
independent USB capture blocks
Figure 2: It is possible to capture mouse and keyboard activity from two computers at the same time.
Figure 3: Back panel of UGR-1000. Two sets of power connectors L712AS and Molex 8981 along with Molex 90130-3110 port for USB–motherboard connection