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Air Traffic Control

ATC Systems – Air Traffic Control

Multisoft has a proven track record of success in airport development and operation, air navigation services and airspace management. If you are looking to develop an airport or ATC infrastructure, we can provide you with the best solutions available in the market according to your specific needs and with previously established budgets.

We have almost 2 decades of experience in ATC infrastructure installations around the world. From simple recorder installations to the most complex nationwide systems that allows centralized management.

We have done it all, and that allows us to guarantee top expertise in this line of work.
Providing our customers with QUALITY services and products, having Safety as our top priority.

Each of our installations is preceded by a site visit which enables our highly qualified technicians to assess the existing infrastructure. While it is always possible to build everything from the ground up, we believe that it is way more (cost) efficient to at least try to use or adapt existing infrastructure. Also certain essential factors have to be considered when choosing the target equipment e.g. luminosity CCTV etc.

When it comes to the actual system installation we can provide services at every stage of the project – from the point of building necessary network infrastructure through certification up to system installation and integration with existing systems. We have experience in installation of industry leading recording systems from Jotron AS and numerous successful integrations with systems from Indra, Leonardo and Thales.