Multisoft Monitoring

Software solution for remote system administration and monitoring.


        Main function of Multisoft Monitoring is to provide user with information about current status of supervised systems. It is up to the user to decide what is important enough to be shown on the main screen and what can be hidden by default. Either way information is no more than two clicks away and is updated automatically.
    Once the problem is found user can easily establish a remote connection to the target system and start working on the solution right away.

    • Monitoring using SNMP (traps and queries)
    • Querying SQL databases and applying visual state indication based on the result
    • SSH, Remote Desktop, VNC and Telnet connections
    • Remote shutdown, reboot and startup of computers*
    • Configurable layout


    Multisoft Monitoring can be used in any place that requires remote administration or monitoring of multiple computers or other network-capable devices. It’s an ideal solution for a server room, but can also work very well in other environments where comprehensive overview of the system status is needed.

    * Shutdown and reboot are only supported on Windows® computers, startup requires proper network configuration.