Get in control

With the raising amount of computer systems it has became more difficult to monitor their state.
With different user interfaces, remote locations and noisy server rooms in the picture supposedly simple task of state control has become overly complicated and above all time consuming.

Multisoft Monitoring

Multisoft solution is aiming to simplify the process of system state control. Equipped with clear user interface and various connectivity options it can automatically check on numerous systems using SNMP and SQL. It is up to the user to decide which events are important enough to be reported and which parameters should be shown as we believe that even in the times of massive computerization and system automation it is You who should be in control.
Consistently with that approach we provide an option to assign remote connections to all monitored devices so that once a problem is identified it is possible to remotely connect and check it first hand.

Video Grabber

When monitoring parameters is not enough and an exact recording of what actually happened is needed then Video Grabber comes in to play.

Designed for the Air Traffic Control it provides top of the range quality and reliability that is very well suited to the essential systems found in control centers, banks, government institutions etc.

Thanks to the ultimate record provided by the Video Grabber it will become crystal clear if the systems are used correctly:

  • Did the system boot correctly?
  • Did user work on the computer or did other things?
  • What exactly was done on the machine?
  • Were the actions taken correct?

No question will remain unanswered anymore.