Network certificates

Testing and Certification of Structural Networks

Multisoft Company provides services in the field of measurement and certification of structural networks based on copper and fibre optic cabling.

Cabling Certification is essential to ensure the quality of the installed cabling and determine whether it satisfies the requirements of a given category / class of the installed components.

With these measurements it can be concluded that the cabling has been installed correctly, or to detect any errors whether they result from poor quality of components used, or from improperly performed installation.

Cabling certification is increasingly became a necessity when receiving or upgrading any network installation, in order to ensure the cable manufacturer’s warranty.

The measurement equipment used by our highly trained engineers is the LanTEK II – 1000 MHz made by IDEAL.

This model is state of the art in his kind and belong to the most accurate and fastest devices of this type assuring you that the job is correctly done.

We provide measurements for copper cables category: 7A / 7 / 6A (10GbE) / 6 / 5E / 5/3 and ISO Class FA / F / EA / E / D / C, allows the measurement and certification in the range of 1 to 1000 MHz. In the case of the fiber optic cables, measurements are made according to the general rules of international IEC 793 and IEC 794.

Responds with measurements for the two types of fiber cables:

  • Single Mode fiber optic wavelength 1310 and 1300 nm
  • Multi-Mode fiber optic wavelength 850 and 1300 nm