Video Grabber DisplayPort (DGR-1000)


Multisoft DGR-1000 Video Grabber  is a device that captures video signal between Graphics card and monitor.
Captured video can be send via two independent Ethernet ports to two recorders.
Capturing process is non-intrusive.*

Technical specification:

  • Display Port: 1.2
  • Max resolution: 3840×2160
  • Input type: DisplayPort
  • Captured Video Format: BMP, PNG, JPEG2000, JPEG, H264, Lossless
  • Operating Temp: 0° – 55° C
  • Dimensions: 168x168x54 [mm]
  • Weight: 0,9kg
  • DC Adapter: 12V 2A (with optional redundancy)
  • Power Consumption: 12W

* Video splitter for passive mode require up to 500mA on pin 20 which can be provided from monitor or graphic card (or both).


Video Grabber is one product that applies to every single business, institution, etc., that requires video monitoring recording in their facilities.
This system allows our clients to access in real time and record for further viewing every single video frame captured in any chosen monitor.